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Studio facilities consist of a garage studio with 2 wheels and an electric kiln along with the 5 acre studio with wood-fired kiln. The quick-fire wood kiln was recently fired with soda. As of now the plan is to stick with soda firing in this kiln. The cabin/studio will soon better accommodate a staging area for packing the kiln and a glazing area.  The cabin/studio sits on five acres adjoining hundreds of acres of Wayne National Forest. Even though the cabin will be kept primitive for the most part, the house with the garage studio nearby will provide all the comforts needed. The ultimate goal is to facilitate workshops for those who are local and possibly longer workshop/residencies for those travelling from out of the area (phase 2).

When progress warrants this site will be updated with images of the working studio illustrating the phases of completion. Until then feel free to contact me about any of the work on the site or if you would like to put some pieces in the next firing.

I want to take a minute to thank the people, especially Angie Smith of Cedar Heights Clay Division of Resco Products in Oak Hill. OH. Not only is it great to have your clay and refractory supplier so nearby, but I'm also lucky to have the help of the excellent people who staff this establishment.  Angie is always quick to say "no problem" and get you what you need as soon as possible

Rio Grande OH 

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